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Serviced offices are the viable solution for post-COVID working

Still in the midst of a partial lockdown, businesses across the UK are considering the viability of their workspace options as restrictions begin to ease.

Continued work from home is a route many established businesses are taking, while others are looking for ways to bring their teams back together in a safe and healthy manner. Start-ups are also looking for affordable ways to get their name on the map and face the challenge of growing a new business in uncertain times.

It’s safe to say that every business has been impacted by the global pandemic, and that business leaders across the world are becoming ever more conscious of the impact social distancing measures could have on their bottom line.

Office rental costs are one of the biggest financial tie-ins a business can face, and with many landlords unable to assist in the way of lowering monthly rental charges to alleviate cash-strapped enterprises, the serviced office industry is rising to the top of the list of money-saving contenders.

What challenges are we facing?

Those returning to traditional office spaces have some red tape to sift through. Government guidelines for offices and contact centres offer expansive outlines for steps employers need to take to ensure the safety of their staff. These compulsory measures can be time-consuming and place strain on an already scrutinised budget.

Coupled with unwavering monthly rental fees – companies might soon face tough decisions on how to effectively continue running their business.

For many, longer-term homeworking is simply not practical due to lack of dedicated office space, connectivity issues and the numerous distractions and interruptions that homeworkers often have to contend with.

How serviced offices offer COVID-safe workspace solutions

Moving forwards, organisations will be increasingly reluctant to commit capital to inflexible solutions when it’s so difficult for them to plan their real estate needs more than a few years in advance. Outsourcing this to providers who offer flexible terms and fixed-cost options will become more and more attractive.

Serviced offices offer a unique flexibility in terms of shorter contract periods, as well as providing the necessary safe spaces businesses are seeking. Trim Street Bath has taken a proactive approach to implementing government guidelines to provide you with a space that you can comfortably carry out your day to day business at.

Undertaking enhanced daily cleaning routines, encouraging good hygiene practices, and developing frequent touch point awareness for all tenants are some of the ways we’re working to ensure you have uninterrupted access to your favourite serviced office location in Bath.

The recent introduction of new accounting standard IFRS16 means that real estate liabilities must be capitalised and declared on company balance sheets. Serviced offices, with their licence structure, are therefore an effective way of circumventing this issue.

Health & Safety Compliance through serviced office offerings

Organisations will be required more than ever to deliver a safe, hygienic, and compliant operational working environment for their employees.

With potential impacts on office design and an increased emphasis on amenities, service provision, quality and sustainability, more companies will gravitate towards outsourcing all such operational complexities.

One-way circulation systems have been introduced, along with numerous other social distancing measures including regulated entry into the reception at peak times to ensure the space does not become overcrowded.

These are all critical aspects that you no longer need to worry about. You can also feel at ease knowing that as government guidelines are updated, our centre teams will stay at pace with changes and ensure all the steps are taken to provide you with a safe environment.

Social dynamics

As the talent pool expands and the location of workers becomes less relevant, the physical office will become seen as an extension of our lives, a place to work, learn, socialise, and connect.

The need to bring people together to work in a collaborative manner (at least some of the time) is an essential part of the office dynamic and the desire for face-to-face meetings and team working will not change. Homeworking is not conducive in the longer-term to forging a corporate identity and creating a sense of belonging and unified purpose within an organisation.

Hosting client and customer meetings in the coming months may be few and far between, but have you considered how you’ll handle face to face meetings in a safe yet productive way? Serviced offices are typically equipped with meeting room spaces, and at Trim Street we’ve taken an extra precaution in how we rent our Bath meeting rooms.

We’ve halved the maximum number of attendees (for example – where a meeting room can accommodate 8 attendees, we’ve placed a cap on that maximum to half of its capacity, so only 4 attendees will be allowed in). This helps to increase the physical distance between visitors, and with specialised cleaning measures in place between each meeting room use, you can conduct your business meetings safe in knowing your space is as hygienic (and impressive) as possible.

The hassle-free, plug-and-play serviced and flexible office space offerings negate the need to tie up resources and working capital in fit-out and operational compliance measures and allow for flexible terms and safe, efficient yet sociable working environment.

Serviced offices are a great way to organically grow your brand reputation. Allowing our centre teams to take care of the day to day running of your office allows you to spend time and energy where it matters the most: on your business. Our friendly reception team is at hand to screen your calls, welcome your visitors – and remind you why you chose Trim Street Bath as your serviced office space of choice. We can’t wait to see you again!

Get in touch with us today for any queries you might have: via telephone on 01275 795 395, or email us at hello@trimstreetbath.co.uk